Super Spectacular Nankinolithus/Ormathops Multiple

Name: Nankinolithus sp., Ormathops atavus (5)
Age:  Ordovician
Formation:  Trilobite Beds
Location:  near Mecissi, Morocco
Size: Largest trilobite is 1.4", plate is 5.5"
Price: $1,295.00

Specimen SSA609

This is an incredibly rare trilobite multiple. It is a fabulous plate of Nankinolithus sp. and Ormathops atavus from the Ordovician Beds of Morocco. This slab has a large, complete Nankinolithus, probably the best example of this Trinucleid trilobite we have had. The pitted fringe in front of the trilobite is very broad and extremely detailed. There are also FIVE Ormathops on the rock - these are not just ANY Ormathops, they are all prone and wonderfully articulated. The natural orange coloration of these bugs makes them very aesthetic and quite striking. The distinct trilobites are beautifully showcased on the sculpted block of matrix - fully natural, no compositing. This is an extremely collectible multiple specimen of these unique Ordovician trilobites from Morocco.

A Certificate of Authenticity from EXTINCTIONS is included with this specimen.

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