Screamin' Rare Trilobite Multiple - Cyphaspides

Name: Cyphaspides, Others
Age:  Devonian
Location:  Jorf, Morocco
Size: Cyphaspides is over 1.5 inches long
Price: SOLD

Specimen SSA610

This is a very, VERY RARE trilobite association. It is a multiple plate with the very strange trilobite, Cyphaspides sp, and other trilobites from the Jorf locality in Morocco. This amazing specimen also contains a complete, outstretched Phacopid trilobite and a complete Proetid trilobite preserved on the plate! These trilobites were buried, then fossilized, so closely together that they are actually touching - the Proetid is even taking a ride on the back of the Cyphaspides! The Cyphaspides has many, MANY spines intact - this distinct specimen showcases these spiny projections beautifully. The LONG spines are quite impressive, but it is the delicate preservation of the spines that makes this bug a keeper. Overall, this is an ultra rare and extremely collectible specimen of three different types of trilobites, including a rare and beautiful Cyphaspides fossil.

A Certificate of Authenticity from EXTINCTIONS is included with this specimen.

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