Monster, Top Quality Split Pair Cambropallas

Name: Cambropallas telesto
Age:  Middle Cambrian
Formation:  Jbel Wawrmast Formation (Tissafinian Stage)
Location:  Morocco
Size: Trilobite is 6.5 inches long!
Price: SOLD

Specimen SSA624

Here is a large, genuine Cambropallas telesto trilobite from the Cambrian of Morocco. This type is one of the most faked or reconstructed trilobites from Morocco. However, there is no mistaking the authenticity of this specimen, as both the part and counterpart are present! This inflated specimen is very nicely articulated and exhibits fine detail - the broad, sweeping genal spines are clearly defined, and the crescent-shaped eyes are easily seen. The distinct spines and ridges on the middle lobe of the trilobites are quite evident. The bug has outstanding, natural coloration and contrasts strikingly with the natural matrix that also contains a partial trilobite. This is a top quality, part/counterpart specimen of Cambropallas from Morocco - one of the best we've ever seen.

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