Killer Predatory Viperfish with Mouth Full of Teeth!

Name: Eurypholis boisseri (Viperfish)
Age:  Middle Cretaceous
Formation:  Cenomanian Layers
Location:  Hajoula, Lebanon
Size: Fish is 4.5 inches long
Price: SOLD

Specimen SSA654

This is an extremely impressive-looking fossil fish! It is a complete Eurypholis boisseri Viperfish from the Cretaceous Layers of Lebanon. Fossils from this region have become increasingly difficult to obtain due to political unrest, especially recently. This sleek specimen is a true Viperfish, one of the most voracious predatory fish in the fossil record, and easily one the most sought-after fossil fish from Lebanon. The distinct fish is extremely detailed and complete down to the individual rays of the fins and tail. The mouth is full of teeth that are fully natural and, frankly, unmistakable. In fact, there is absolutely no restoration or enhancement whatsoever to the entire specimen! The textbook fish is beautifully displayed on the large, rectangular plate of sublithographic limestone that also contains another fish in the upper left corner. This is a very collectible and displayable example of this wildly carniverous fossil fish from the Middle East.

A Certificate of Authenticity from EXTINCTIONS is included with this specimen.
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