THOMAS COLLECTION- Dicranurus and Paciphacops

Name: Dicranurus and Paciphacops
Age:  Lower Devonian
Formation:  Haragan Formation
Location:  Coal County, Oklahoma
Size: Dicranurus is over 2 inches long
Price: SOLD

Specimen SSA839

This is a very fine pair of Devonian trilobites. It is a cool Dicranurus hamatus elegantus and Paciphacops campbelli display piece from Oklahoma. This awesome fossil was recently acquired from the Eugene Thomas Collection. Dicranurus is probably the most sought-after and recognizable trilobite from Oklahoma. Both amazing trilobites are beautifully outstretched on the sculpted matrix block. Both horns of the "Dike" have been prepared free-standing, the genal and body spines are easily seen, and even the tiny tail is intact. The fine detail, near-perfect articulation, and distinct compound eyes are well showcased on the Paciphacops. Dicranurus is one of the hardest Oklahoma trilobites to find intact - and sitting next to a spectacular Paciphacops doesn't hurt! This is a very displayable Dicranurus and Paciphacops piece offered directly from the Eugene Thomas Collection.

A Certificate of Authenticity from EXTINCTIONS is included with this specimen.

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